BTR/Big time rush consist of my good ol pals,Robo,frosty,Amaya,'Ronica,and willi. Ive only known them for a few months,But it feels like ive known them for fuckin years. Its great. Even through tough times with drama, We always stuck together!!! Luv these hoes

GARY-CON, a group consisting of [currently] 4-5 people [i say 4-5 bc im not sure if zoe is still in?] but none the less, GARY-CON is me,robo,tris, n romy. These guys are p chill, we all want to fuck some mf ducks???Also romy falls asleep every 2 sec,hoe needs some dayquil

MY GAL!!!!ombre is so cool!!!! tbh so cool im suprised we are friends!!! Shes so funny,and has rlly good ocs and art it makes me cry, SHE ATE A MOTHER FUCKING RAW EGG!!!fuckin hardcore

THIS IS FOR ALL OF YALL IN THE CP COMMUNITY!!! [except for penny,she'll get her own lil thingy,im just lazy] but yea,this lil box is dedicated to jules,director,rose,torque n my boi bobbin. I LUV YALL!!!YALL ARE GREAT!!:3