My girlfriend,robo. Is legit the light of my life

ive known her for 3 years and she's been by my side through it all. Even when ive been a shitty person. Shes rlly nice n funny,Legit her memes n jokes are what got me to start laugh-wheeze. She acts hella sweet n nice all the time,until someone is an ass, then shes an ANGREG ASEXUAL luv her

We met through DeviantArt, A shitty person was directing their fanbrats to bully robo over her oc :( Thats where i stepped in an gave actual critism to help her.After that, me n robo always stuck together. It was platonic for a long while,but i always kinda had a crush on her ^^;. On 6/14/17 we got together, and shes still tolerating me!!!! :0c